IU School of Medicine and the University of Notre Dame partner for new dual medical degree program in global health

Jan. 24, 2013

The Indiana University School of Medicine and the University of Notre Dame have launched a cooperative medical degree-master’s degree program for future physicians who want to treat patients and influence policy in global health settings.

Notre Dame is accepting applications from current IU School of Medicine students to enroll, beginning in August, in the Master of Science in Global Health program offered by the Eck Institute for Global Health. The program will enroll students who have completed their first two years of IU medical school and are beginning their third-year clinical rotations.

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The new medical degree-master's degree program organized by Notre Dame's Eck Institute and IU School of Medicine-South Bend includes a six-to eight-week field research placement in an international setting. This photograph was taken at the AMPATH clinic in Eldoret, Kenya.

The master’s is a full one-year program that includes two semesters of classroom instruction and a six- to eight-week field research placement in an international setting. Complementing the clinical skills students learn in medical school, the master’s will provide intensive instruction on identifying and analyzing challenges among areas of the world underserved by health care.

Upon completion of the master’s program, students will resume their clinical medical school studies.

“This effort capitalized on the relationship the IU School of Medicine-South Bend and Notre Dame’s Eck Institute have built around several shared research projects,” said Rudolph Navari, M.D., associate dean and director of IUSM-South Bend, noting that many IUSM-SB faculty are members of the Eck Institute’s faculty.

The program was organized by Eck Institute and IU School of Medicine-South Bend staff members and subsequently reviewed by both the graduate school and provost’s office of Notre Dame and the medical education administration at the IU School of Medicine.

“This new joint effort will better prepare our graduates for highly competitive global health careers at places like the World Health Organization, the US Centers for Disease Control and the National Institutes of Health,” added David Severson, Ph.D., director of the Eck Institute.

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Joseph Bock, Ph.D., director of global health training for the Eck Institute, noted that the program is among a very few in the country that is specifically designed to address international, not domestic, health challenges.

Mary Abernathy, MD, director of graduate medical education at the IU School of Medicine-South Bend, added that the program capitalizes on investments the school of medicine already has made in global health, including AMPATH, a consortium of North American academic health centers led by IU working in partnership with the Government of Kenya.

For more information on enrollment in this new program, visit the Eck Institute website  or call 574-631-5617.

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