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Indiana CTSI seeks core equipment grant applications

Feb. 13, 2014

The Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute is seeking proposals from Indiana CTSI-designated cores at the IU School of Medicine requesting support for the purchase of equipment, software or other resources that enhance the research environment and contribute to the research mission of the School and the Indiana CTSI.

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Up to $100,000 will be available for distribution through this grant mechanism. Applicants may request anywhere from $5,000 to $100,000. Proposals for equipment costing more than $100,000 will be entertained if matching funds to cover the balance are identified. 

Competitive applications will be those that bring new technology and services to Indiana CTSI investigators in the form of equipment or software that contributes to bench or in-silico research; expand existing services to meet the needs of Indiana CTSI investigators; or contribute to the strategic research mission of the institution.

Proposals for funds to subsidize ongoing operations will not be allowed. Only Indiana CTSI-designed cores at the IU School of Medicine are eligible. Indiana CTSI-designed cores are facilities that have officially passed a review process from the Indiana CTSI demonstrating quality oversight, users that span departments and schools, and established policies for prioritization, publication, confidentiality, cost recovery/payment and conflict resolution. They have also monitor user satisfaction.

Applications are due 4 p.m. Friday, March 28. For more application information, or to apply, visit the Indiana CTSI grants portal and enter your institutional username and password. Applications instructions are located under "Indiana CTSI/IUSM Core Equipment Funding - 2014.03."

For more information, contact Lilith Reeves at ictsi@iu.edu.

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