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Indiana Drug Discovery Alliance seeks applications for the early stage therapeutics development

Apr. 24, 2014

The Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute Molecular Therapeutics Program is seeking applications for a competitive program that will provide funds and essential consultation to support the early stage development of therapeutics.

Indiana CTSI

This RFA is provided by the newly established Indiana Drug Discovery Alliance, a clearinghouse for drug discovery and development resources at the Indiana-CTSI member institutions of IU, Purdue and Notre Dame that supports promising early-stage drug discovery research through expert consultation and small research funds.

Applications for this RFA can request up to $15,000, but a budget and budget justification are not required.

Small grants from the IDDA will support new collaborations and/or the use of core facilities that enable the translation of fundamental discoveries related to drug discovery. Critical research proposal feedback will be provided from a team of experienced industry and academic experts within the group's internal advisory committee as well as through ad-hoc, project-specific pharmaceutical expert reviewers. 

The IDDA also facilitates collaborative translational research and partnerships through support for team building across diverse disciplines, the identification of complementary expertise across the Indiana CTSI and, when necessary, the creation of new, external partnerships. In addition, IDDA provides access to education resources to faculty and students on translational drug discovery.

The deadline for applications is 4 p.m. Tuesday, July 1. Complete guidelines and application forms are available for download from the Indiana CTSI grants portal. Applicants must log in using their institutional username and password. Application instructions are under "Indiana Drug Discovery Alliance - 2014.07."

For more information, contact Anne Nguyen at ictsi@indianctsi.org.

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