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IUSM and IUPUI internal grant deadlines; Indiana Biobank and molecular medicine opportunities

Aug. 14, 2014

School of Medicine internal grant applications due Sept. 2

The applications for the following internal grant programs at the IU School of Medicine are due 5 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 2. Award amounts for each program has increased to $50,000. 

Biomedical Research Grant: The objective of this porgram is to foster scholarly and creative research by worthy investigators so that they can compete successfully for extramural research support. In general, two categories of research projects will benefit from this program: research projects of investigators new to the School of Medicine who do not yet have extramural funding and who need support to acquire the preliminary data necessary to compete for extramural funding; and research projects of established investigators of the School of Medicine who are between funding periods from extramural sources. Applications for both categories should have a maximum requested amoun​t of $50,000 and be limited to one year duration. Applications are due Monday, Sept. 1.

Research Enhancement Grant: The objective of this program is to stimulate research productivity at the seven regional medical education centers and Medical Sciences Program in Bloomington at the IU School of Medicine. The intent is to foster scholarly and creative research by worthy investigators so that they can compete successfully for extramural research support. This program is funded by the School of Medicine with matching funds contributed by each of the centers or medical programs. It is anticipated that two grants will be awarded each fiscal year for a duration of one year. Applications are due Monday, Sept. 1.

For more information, including application forms, visit the C3 (Connect, Communicate, Collaborate) Research Administration portal under "Internal and Local Research Funding." (IU CAS login required.)

OVCR internal grant deadlines for fall 2014

The applications for the following internal grant programs from the IUPUI Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research are due in the fall of 2014:

Enhanced Mentoring Program with Opportunities for Ways to Excel in Research: This program supports IUPUI faculty who are historically underrepresented and/or excluded populations in their discipline or area of scholarship and historically denied admission to higher education or that discipline to become successful in sponsored research and scholarly activity and to achieve significant professional growth and advancement. The program sustains mentorship opportunities through the EMPOWER Grant Program, supporting achievement of excellence in research and scholarly activity, and optimal attainment of academic career goals and objectives. Applications are due Friday, Sept. 5.

Funding Opportunities for Research Commercialization and Economic Success: This program is designed to support IUPUI researchers in the successful transformation of their research findings into commercially viable outcomes. The key goals of FORCES are to support the realization of short-term projects that will enhance commercial value of IUPUI intellectual property assets, by facilitating commercialization of inventions, technologies, or other intellectual property derived from existing research projects, and the development of research initiatives that show great promise for commercialization of the research outcomes. Applications are due Monday, Sept. 15.

Imaging Technology Development Program: The objective of this new program is to provide a source of seed funding to foster multidisciplinary research activities to advance the development of new, innovative, imaging-related technologies, defined as any technology associated with the acquisition of images, display of image information, or quantitative analyses of the information contained within an image. Applications are due Wednesday, Oct. 1.

IUPUI Graduate Student Imaging Research Fellowship Program: This new program aims to provide a stable source of funding for graduate students pursuing a doctoral degree focused on imaging technology development within an interdisciplinary, collaborative, research environment. Furthermore, it is anticipated that this program will serve as a means to enhance multidisciplinary research activities among senior investigators. It is expected that the funded projects will provide the foundation for securing additional external funding sources to further the new imaging technology and its utilization within the mentors’ laboratories. Applications are due Wednesday, Oct. 15

Research Support Funds Grant: This program is designed to enhance the research mission of IUPUI by supporting research projects and scholarly activities that are sustainable through external funding. Applications are due Wednesday, Oct. 15.

International Development Fund GRANT: The grant was developed to enhance the international research and scholarly activity focus of the IUPUI academic mission. Generally, this grant serves as venture capital to stimulate additional funding for international research and scholarly activity, which have strong potential to generate indirect cost recovery from extramural sources. Applications are due Wednesday, Nov. 15.

All applications are available online at the OVCR website.

Indiana Biobank pilot funds for custom biospecimen collection

The Indiana Biobank is requesting applications from investigators who wish to store biospecimens in support of pilot or feasibility studies.

The Indiana Biobank is a statewide resource of human biological specimens that are linked to electronic medical records whose mission is to create a collection of well characterized specimens that can serve as a research resource to enhance translational research.

This RFA seeks to expand the custom collections available through the Indiana Biobank. Specifically, applicants can request samples be collected from up to 20 individuals. The types of samples that may be collected include: blood (for RNA, plasma, serum or DNA), saliva, or urine. Applicants must provide an approved specimen collection protocol or must work with Indiana Biobank staff to develop a collection protocol that satisfies criteria established by the biobank.

The Indiana Biobank currently contains samples from over 15,000 individuals, all of which are linked (with informed consent) thorough the medical record number to the Indiana Network for Patient Care. The biobank has the capacity to collect specific specimens (e.g., plasma, serum, urine) to meet an investigator’s research needs. With informed consent, biobank specimens can be used for broad, unspecified future research.

Three applications will be funded for up to $5,000 each. Applications are due 5 p.m. Sept. 15.

For more application information, or to apply, visit the Indiana CTSI grants portal and enter your institutional username and password. Applications instructions are located under "Pilot Funding for Custom Biospecimen Collection Using INDIANA BIOBANK (IB) Infrastructure - 2014.09."

Questions on the appropriate scope of proposals to Tatiana Foroud, M.D., at tforoud@iu.edu, or Brooke Patz at bpatz@iu.edu. Questions on grant submissions or budgeting to Anne Nguyen at 317-278-2874 or info@indianactsi.org.

The Indiana Biobank was established in 2010 with initial support from the Lilly Endowment. Additional support is provided by the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute, one of more than 60 institutes supported by National Institutes of Health National Center for Advancing translational Sciences.

Annual Ross Prize in Molecular Medicine

Applications are sought for the annual Ross Prize in Molecular Medicine, which is established in conjunction with the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research and the journal Molecular Medicine.

The recipient will be an active investigator having produced innovative, paradigm-shifting research that is worthy of significant and broad attention in the field of molecular medicine. Winners will be expected to continue to garner recognition in future years, and that their current accomplishments reflect a rapidly rising career trajectory of discovery and invention. The winner will receive an honorarium of $50,000, travel expenses to accept the award in New York, and will present the keynote lecture at the Award Ceremony and Mini-Symposium. 

For more information, visit award website or contact Nuria Morral, Ph.D., associate professor of medical and molecular genetics at the IU School of Medicine, at nmorralc@iu.edu.

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