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Faculty promotion dossier materials available on the Web

Mar. 21, 2013

Faculty promotion dossier materials for promotions effective July 1, 2014, are available on the Web at http://medicine.iu.edu/administration/faculty-promotion-tenure-and-appointment-contract-dossiers/

Dossiers will be due in the Dean's Office (Academic Administration) no later than July 3, 2013; your department will have an earlier due date which should be available from your department chair or regional center director’s office.  

To inform the Dean's Office of your intent to submit a dossier for promotion, contact Lynn Wakefield at lwakefie@iu.edu no later than Monday, July 1.

For advice on dossier preparation, review a sample dossier or contact Deb Cowley at dcowley@iu.edu.

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