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Applications for assistant dean of academic advising and career mentoring due May 29

May 20, 2013

The Office of Medical Student Affairs is seeking applications for an assistant dean of academic advising and career mentoring.

This position will report to the associate dean for medical student affairs and will work closely with the staff in this office. The assistant dean will develop, implement, oversee and assess a longitudinal program of academic and career advising for students across the nine campuses of the IU School of Medicine.  This new program will establish a four-year advising relationship with faculty for all students. The advising system will be aligned with the learning communities that are being established in the new curriculum. Advisors will also work closely with discipline specific career mentors within our clinical departments to ensure students receive accurate advice and feedback throughout the residency application process. 

The assistant dean will also design and implement professional development activities for faculty selected to serve as advisors and career mentors in this program and will oversee staff in the office whose roles and responsibilities are assigned to support the program. Advisors will serve as advocates for their assigned students and promote the academic success and the mental and physical well-being of their advisees. In addition, advisors will monitor the academic progress of their advisees, establishing professional and personal growth plans, help them to navigate the career decision making process and assist their students throughout the residency application process. 

The Assistant Dean position will be a part-time position requiring 50 percent FTE.

Responsibilities include:

  • Design the model for the new Academic Advising and Career Mentoring program serving students at all nine centers.
  • Oversee the team within the Office of Medical Student Affairs that will administer the program.
  • Define the role and expectations for faculty advisors and career mentors and monitor their performance to ensure the goals of the program are met.
  • Recruit  and select faculty to serve as the advisors in the program
  • Outline the process for selection of discipline specific career mentors, who will collaborate with the advisors, helping students in selecting and applying for residency programs.
  • Work with leaders of the curricular reform to integrate the program with the learning community system that is being developed
  • Design professional development sessions/modules for advisors and mentors to ensure their success in meeting the goals of the program and the expectations for their role
  • Create sessions/modules for students to augment the individual support from advisors/career mentors in order to facilitate the students’ success in navigating their  academic program and the career selection process
  • Conduct visits to each campus annually and as needed to ensure the success of the program
  • Establish metrics to measure the efficacy of the program, using the data for continuous improvement of the program and disseminating results in scholarly presentations and publication.
  • Will be responsible to conduct an annual review of the performance of all the advisors
  • Participate as an active member of the team in the Office of Medical Student Affairs in staff meetings and in the events of the Office
  • Collaborate with other IUSM educational affairs units to enhance and promote coordination and integration in efforts to enhance learning and the learning environment.

The person selected for this position must be a doctoral-level IU School of Medicine faculty member (M.D., Ph.D., or Ed.D.) with at least five years of experience within the School of Medicine. Qualified applications should have a strong understanding of the school’s structure (nine campus system) and have a well-documented record of excellence in working with, and advocating for, medical students. 

Additioanl attributes should include creativity and a passion for launching new ideas and leading change, strong organization and problem solving skills, effective communication skills and the ability to collaborate with others (within the office and across the IU School of Medicine community) to develop and implement an effective program that meets internal and external metrics related to advising and career mentoring.  The assistant dean must also have a record of scholarly accomplishment that demonstrates the capacity to disseminate outcomes associated with this program.

Applications are due Wednesday, May 29. Interested applicants should send letter of interest and CV to Kimberly Anderson, office manager in the Office of Medical Student Affairs, at kimander@iu.edu.

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