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IU School of Medicine seeks volunteers for admissions committee, third-year skills training

May 30, 2013

IU School of Medicine faculty members are sought to assist with IU School of Medicine admissions reviews and third-year skills training:

IU School of Medicine Admissions Committee

Faculty in the clinical or basic sciences are invited to apply for a limited number of openings on the IUSM Admissions Committee. 

This committee utilizes a “holistic” review process whereby applicants are selected for medical school on the basis of personal attributes and relevant life experiences in addition to the traditional metrics of grades and MCAT scores.

The goals of holistic review are to increase the diversity of the entering class beyond simple academic acumen to encompass other desirable characteristics, such as altruism, compassion and commitment to serve others; and to select a class whose demographic composition mirrors the patient population our graduates will serve.

Committee members will interview applicants and have a voice in deciding who should be granted admission. Members must be committed to work on Wednesdays from late August to late April, with interview days operating from 8:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.                

Open positions will be filled as needed to maintain the committee’s broad diversity of background and experience. Individuals who are interested in serving on the committee are encouraged to send their names, contact information, and a brief statement of interest to James J. Brokaw, Ph.D., MPH, associate dean for admissions, at jbrokaw@iupui.edu.

Third-Year Skills Training

The IU School of Medicine is seeking volunteer instructors to facilitate a technique-focused, procedural skills training day for our incoming third-year medical students. This year's event will take place Tuesday, June 11, at the Simulation Center at Fairbanks Hall, Room 4100.

The objective is to educate more than 300 incoming third-year medical students about common procedural skills before they are encountered during various clinical experiences throughout the state. Volunteer instructors are needed to teach peripheral IV access, airway management, arterial puncture, and Foley Catheter insertion. 

Faculty, resident and inter-professional instructors are sought from various departments within the IU School of Medicine and other units on campus to assist with this once-a-year training effort. The preferred time commitment is at least a four hour block either from 8 a.m. to noon or 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Educational materials, structure of the sessions, materials and additional information will be provided. For more information, email Kathy Jackson at jackskat@iu.edu. Please, indicate the skills station(s) that you would be willing to help with as well as the preferred time.

Thank you for your support of undergraduate medical education at IUSM.

Alan P. Ladd, M.D. (aladd@iupui.edu)
Butch Humbert, M.D. (ahumbert@iu.edu)
Cory Pitre, M.D. (cpitre@iupui.edu)

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