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IU School of Medicine commencement and senior banquet celebrate graduates

May 22, 2014

Students, faculty honored at 45th IUSM Commencement and Senior Banquet and Awards Ceremony

The IU School of Medicine sent 399 new graduates into the world for the next step of their journey as future physicians, researchers and scientists.

The 45th IU School of Medicine Commencement Ceremony took place May 10 at the Indiana Convention Center Sagamore Ballroom. Graduates and their guests were also invited to participate in the IU Commencement May 11, in the Indiana Convention Center Halls A, B and C.

Jay L. Hess, M.D., Ph.D., who began his duties as the 10th dean of the IU School of Medicine on Sept. 1, presided over his first IUSM commencement, leading the conferral of seven unique degrees: 298 doctorates in medicine, 41 doctorates in philosophy, 31 masters of science, 13 masters of science in clinical research, six masters of science in medical science, five combined M.D./MBA degrees and five combined M.D./Ph.D. degrees.

Among the students to receive their degrees were Anne Marie Scheidler, M.D., recipient of the Executive Associate Dean Maryellen Gusic Award for the Salutatorian, and Cassidy Anne Overpeck, M.D., recipient of the Executive Associate Dean Maryellen Gusic Award for the Valedictoria.

"Being named valedictorian was a great honor; I'm so grateful for the support of my husband, family and faculty mentors who made medical school a wonderful and successful experience," said Overpeck, who will enter the internal medicine residency program at the IU School of Medicine in June. "I wish everyone from my class the best of luck in their future endeavors, and hope we all remain grateful for the opportunity to serve our patients and communities."

In addition to Dr. Hess, IUSM Commencement speakers were IUPUI Chancellor Charles R. Bantz, Ph.D.; Robb Paul, M.D., president of the IU School of Medicine Alumni Association and Darrell G. Kirch, M.D., president and CEO of the Association of American Medical Colleges, who delivered the keynote address.

The welcome was delivered by Maryellen E. Gusic, M.D., executive associate dean for educational affairs and Dolores and John Read Professor of Medical Education and professor of pediatrics. The presentation of diplomas and investiture of hoods were made by Dr. Hess; Dr. Gusic; Sheryl E. Allen, M.D., associate dean for medical student affairs and associate professor of clinical emergency medicine and pediatrics; and Sherry F. Queener, Ph.D., associate dean of the IU Graduate School, director of the IUPUI Graduate School and professor of pharmacology and toxicology.

Also mentioned during the ceremony was Annique Wilson-Weeks, who would have been the 400th graduate of the Class of 2014 had she not passed away from a rare form of stomach cancer during the second week of her second year of medical school. For nearly the past three years, members of the Class of 2014 have been working to officially establish a scholarship in honor of Wilson-Weeks.

After the formal hooding ceremony, the new physicians repeated in unison the Physician’s Oath lead by Dr. Gusic, promising to practice their profession “with conscience and dignity” and considering always the health of their patients first. This special segment of the ceremony was reserved for the newly named physicians.

Also recognized by Dr. Gusic for their hard work and dedication to the education of future healthcare professionals during the commencement program were the recipients of the 2014 Trustee Teaching Awards.

The 2014 Trustee Teaching Awardees were Taeok Bae, Ph.D.; Deepak Bhakta, M.D.; Kathleen M. Boyd, M.D.; David W. Boyle, M.D.; Dolores F. Cikrit, M.D.; David W. Crabb, M.D.; Shashank J. Davé, D.O.; Mark J. Di Corcia, Ph.D.; Robert E. Emerson, M.D.; Steven P. Gerke, M.D.; David P. Gilley, Ph.D.; Mitchell Goldman, M.D.; Irmina Gradus-Pizlo, M.D.; Maureen A. Harrington, M.D.; Mitchell A. Harris, M.D.; Eyas Hattab, M.D.; Ahdy W. Helmy, M.D., Ph.D.; Brittney-Shea Herbert, Ph.D.; Michael G. House, M.D.; Aaron P. Kalinowski, M.D.; Myda Khalid, M.D.; John C. Kincaid, M.D.; Jonathan M. Kirschner, M.D.; Michael J. Klemsz, M.D., Ph.D.; Regina A. Kreisle, M.D., Ph.D.; Alvaro Lapitz, M.D.; Abigail R. Litwiller, M.D.; Ira K. Means, M.D.; Carl F. Marfurt, Ph.D.; Margaret M. Moga, Ph.D.; Valerie D. O'Loughlin, Ph.D.; Megan M. Palmer, Ph.D.; Joseph A. Prahlow, M.D.; F. Ryann Prall, M.D.; Laura S. Price, M.D.; Hugo A. Rios-Meza, M.D.; Hadley E. Ritter, M.D.; Rafael D. Rosario, M.D.; Debra S. Rusk, M.D.; Dale W. Saxon, Ph.D.; Tyler M. Stepsis, M.D.; Robert D. Sweazey, Ph.D.; Sarah A. Tieman, M.D.; Johnathan D. Tune, Ph.D.; Michael R. Vasko, Ph.D.; Joel A. Vilensky, Ph.D.; Elizabeth Weinstein, M.D.; Andrea D. Weist, M.D.; James C. Williams Jr., Ph.D.; Joann M. Wojcieszek, M.D.; Charles W. Yates, M.D.; and W. Brett Zimmerman, Ph.D.

In addition, IUSM students who distinguished themselves over the past four years were recognized the night prior to commencement at the Senior Banquet and Awards Ceremony May 9 at the Indiana Roof Ballroom. They were:

  • Peter Harris Baenziger, recipient of the John E. Heubi Award in Ambulatory Pediatrics;
  • Samuel MacKay Beard, recipient of the Medical Student Professionalism and Service Award (Emergency Medicine);
  • Krista Leigh Bergman, recipient of the Medical Student Excellence in Emergency Medicine (Society for Academic Emergency Medicine);
  • Jordan Elizabeth Bradford, recipient of the Department of Dermatology Award;
  • Braca Benizry Cantor, recipient of the Dr. Jeffrey C. Darnell Medical Student Geriatrics Achievement Award;
  • Joel Franco, recipient of the Lorraine E. and Raymond A. Gaffney Scholarship Award and the J. Donald Hubbard Award (Pathology);
  • Samuel Eugene FranksErica Marie Hissong and Colin Howard Murphy, recipients of the Carleton D. Nordschow Award (Pathology);
  • Ryan Leonard Freedle and Brooke Felicia Walls, recipients of the Alexander Treloar Ross Award (Neurology);
  • Appolinia Elyse Frey, recipient of the Tina Kwan Award (Pediatrics);
  • Anna Weaver Grady and Matthew Joshua Hoskins, recipients of the Department of Family Medicine Award;
  • Katherine Delayne Goze, recipient of the American College of Surgeons Award (Surgery);
  • Daniel Avery Guillaud, recipient of the Student Excellence in Anesthesia;
  • Andrew Thomas Krack, recipient of the Lyman T. Meiks Awards (Pediatrics-Clinical);
  • Kyle Jon Mazellan, recipient of the Indiana Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Award;
  • Lorraine Amber Myers, recipient of the Lorraine E. and Raymond A. Gaffney Scholarship Award
  • Patience Ifeyinka Obasaju, recipient of the Lyman T. Meiks Awards (Pediatrics-Research):
  • Cassidy Anne Overpeck, recipient of the K.K. Chen Award (Pharmacology); the Mary Jean Yoder Award; the John B. Hickam Award (Internal Medicine); the Marcus Ravdin Award and the Executive Associate Dean Maryellen Gusic Award for the Valedictoria; 
  • Steven Paul Moberly, recipient of the Patricia Sharpley Award (Psychiatry);
  • Christopher Lloyd Mosher, recipient of the Dean’s Award;
  • Anne Marie Scheidler, recipient of Executive Associate Dean Maryellen Gusic Award for the Salutatorian and the Floyd T. Romberger Jr. Award for Outstanding Senior Student Teacher of Third Year Medical Students in Obstetrics and Gynecology; 
  • Angela Shan, recipient of the Roy Norman Rheinhardt Memorial Award (OB/GYN);
  • Kristyn Michelle Spera, recipient of the American Academy of Neurology Medical Student Award for Excellence in Neurology;
  • Matthew Allen Shew, recipient of the Edward C. Weisberger, M.D. Award;
  • Harikiran Vasu, recipient of the John Barnhill Award (Anatomy);  
  • Juan Carlos Venis, recipient of the Spirit of Excellence Award for Community Service and Leadership (Family Medicine); and
  • Sean A. Woolen, recipient of the Student Excellence in Radiology (Radiology)

Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society Awardees: Deepak Kumar Agarwal, Zahab Shahid Ahsan, Christopher Robert Amick, Tyler Grant Atkins, Samuel MacKay Beard, Thomas Bradford Bemenderfer, Jordan Elizabeth Bradford, Caitlin Akard Bradley, Hannah Michelle Brooks, Ashley Nicole Budd, Mary Ann Rosevear Cladis, Morgan Leigh Cox, Tanya Devnani, Taylor Lloyd Dodgen, Nnenna Yvonne Adaeze Ezeilo, Joel Franco, Appolinia Elyse Frey, Kevin Alexander Graham, Jacob Nathaniel Grow, Daniel Avery Guillaud, Jeremy Michael Hackworth, Erika Marie Hissong, Lauren Elizabeth Hutchison, Melissa Ann Douglas Jenkins, John Michael Kindler, Andrew Thomas Krack, Thomas Lam, Justin Matthew Long, Thomas Philip Lowe, Hee-Sang Harrison Lyu, George Ryne Marshall, Daniel Christopher Martinez, Scott Allen McCarty, Karrmann Elizabeth McHaffie, Muithi Mwanthi, Lorraine Amber Myers, Hunter Scott Oliver-Allen, Cassidy Anne Overpeck, Nikolajs Joseph Perdue, Sarah Elizabeth Rosenberg, Tara Jacqueline Schaab, Anne Marie Scheidler, Jessica Lynn Senefeld-Naber, Kristyn Michelle Spera, Emily Elaine TenBrink, Chelsea Adalen Troiano, Ariel Jade Trying, Harikiran Vasu, Andrea Auburn Wenzel, Kevin Alan Williams and Brant Oliver Wilson.

Gold Humanism Honor Society Awardees: Zahab Shahid Ahsan, Sarah Beth Astorga, Peter Harris Baenziger, Jordan Elizabeth Bradford, Caitlin Akard Bradley, Laura Annemarie Bryant, Joanna Judith Campodonico, Forrest David Craig, Eleanor Mary DeThomas, Tanya Devnani, Amy Michelle Dreischerf, Chadwick Troy Flowers, Joel Franco, Appolinia Elyse Frey, Vincent Anthony Gemma, Lauren Elizabeth Hutchinson, Meagan Elizabeth King, Andrew Thomas Krack, Dulanji Kalpani Kuruppu, Thomas Lam, Hee-Sang Harrison Lyu, Karrmann Elizabeth McHaffie, Ethan Braden Morrical, Ganiyat OlaSumbo, Anike Oladapo, Cassidy Anne Overpeck, Manisha Jayandra Patel, Peter John Puthenveetil, Jessica Lynn Senefeld-Naber, Naina Singh, Ashley Nicole Suah, Rachel Fairle Teat, Harikiran Vasu, Juan Carlos Venis and Andrea Auburn Wenzel.

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