InScope to premier new look on Sept. 4

Aug. 28, 2014

A redesigned version of InScope will launch next week.

The official weekly internal newsletter for faculty, staff, residents, fellows and students at the IU School of Medicine will feature a streamlined, "mobile-first" format optimized for easy viewing and at-a-glance information.


The InScope redesign was undertaken in collaboration with the IU School of Medicine Faculty Steering Committee.

The redesign, which will launch Sept. 4, was undertaken in collaboration with the IU School of Medicine Faculty Steering Committee, which reviewed and approved the final design earlier this year.

"The IUSM Faculty Steering Committee met with representatives from IU Communications during several FSC meetings earlier this year to review designs and provide feedback on InScope," said Abigail Klemsz, M.D., Ph.D., president of the IUSM Faculty Steering Committee. "Specific elements incorporated into the design in response to the committee's review include the mobile-friendly format and ability to review all the headlines on a single screen."

The single-page layout of the design addresses the "on-the-go" work environment of many faculty, staff and students at the IU School of Medicine. All major categories are viewable beneath large text headlines with direct links to additional information on a single, scrollable webpage.

Images will be limited to two feature items accessible at the top of the newsletter. The featured items may include longer stories; profiles; photo galleries or video. The rest of the issue will be text only.

The first issue of Scope was released June 2, 1997, as a two-sided printed publication and online PDF. The InScope redesign launched in January 2013 was the first major update to the publication's look and feel aside from the addition of subject categories in 2010.

A broad communications survey distributed in March 2013 included several questions regarding internal communications at the school. In general, InScope received positive marks on the fresher look and feature content; however, respondents also expressed concern the new format lacked the original version's streamlined layout. This new refresh strikes a balance between these past and the present strengths.

The design and technical implementation were performed by IU Communications.

InScope encourages submission of news tip, stories, events, student activities, grant opportunities, award announcements and other items, including submissions from IUSM's eight regional medical education centers, to scopemed@iupui.edu. The deadline for submissions is 8:30 a.m. on Tuesdays. The editor of InScope is Kevin Fryling, 317-278-0088, kfryling@iu.edu

In addition to InScope, the IUSM community may submit event information to IUSM Events Calendar and the IUSM digital signage system, MEDTV. MEDTV submission guidelines are online.

The submission email for the calendar is also scopemed@iupui.edu. Individuals are also encouraged to post events directly to the IUSM Calendar on behalf of their unit or department. Instructions to request calendar access are online.

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