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IUSM-Evansville students receive more than $230,000 in scholarships

Mar. 13, 2014

IU School of Medicine students attending the school's regional medical education center in Evansville  received more than $230,000 in scholarships during a ceremony March 7 at the Evansville Country Club.


Michelle Arce, far right, and Amelia Scherle, far left, recipients of the IUSM-Evansville General Scholarship; Kristyn Jeffries, center left, recipient of the Jennifer & Mark Browning Family Scholarship, and Steven Becker, center right, M.D., director of IUSM-Evansville.

About 50 percent of IUSM-Evansville students were the recipients of scholarships this year, making the regional education center the greatest provider of financial aid through scholarships of all the programs located outside Indianapolis.

The average student graduating with a medical degree from the IU School of Medicine will acquire almost $140,000 dollars in debt over four years of medical school," said Stephen Becker, M.D., associate dean and director of the IU School of Medicine-Evansville. "With the tremendous support of our community, we are able to alleviate some of that financial burden for our students and enable them to focus more fully on their studies."

The scholarships recipients were:

  • Jacob A. O’Sullivan, ’17, recipient of the Anesthesiology Group Associates Scholarship
  • Ellen E. Cotant, ’16, recipient of the Aline Mary Condict Aust & Charles Aust Sr., M.D. Scholarship
  • Christopher R. Deig, ’16, recipient of the Dr. Martin John & Lois Bender Scholarship
  • Kristyn Jeffries, ’16, recipient of the Jennifer & Mark Browning Family Scholarship
  • Mallory A. Williams, ’15, recipient of the IUSM-Evansville Community Advisory Council Scholarship
  • Michael A. Trevino, ’16, and Karen E. Trevino, ’16, recipients of the Deaconess Hospital Medical Staff Scholarship
  • Stephen F. Overcash, ’17, recipient of the Dr. Michael & Nancy Drake, ’79, Medical Student Scholarship
  • Christopher J. Hill, ’17, recipient of the IU Alumni Association-Greater Evansville Chapter Scholarship
  • Ian Stamps, ’15, and Erika L. Weil, ’16, recipients of the Raymond W. & Joyce Nicholson Scholarship
  • Weston R. Kitley, ’17, recipient of the Oncology Hematology Associates of Southwest Indiana Medical Student Scholarship
  • Megan D. Brinkworth, ’16, Amelia E. Scherle, ’16, and Erika L. Weil, ’16, recipients of the St. Mary’s Hospital Medical Staff Scholarship

    Mallory Williams, recipient of the IUSM-E Community Advisory Council Scholarship, and Mark Browning, M.D., volunteer clinical associate professor of medicine at IUSM-Evansville.

  • Alexander Clayton, ’16, Christopher R. Deig, ’16, Andrew Krack, ’14, Brandt T. Lydon, ’16, Andrew A. Nejad, ’15, Karen E. Trevino, ’16, Michael A. Trevino, ’16, and Erika L. Weil, ’16, recipients of the Dr. Justice F. Wynn Scholarship
  • Erika L. Weil, ’16 and Mallory A. Williams, ’15, recipients of the Vanderburgh Medical Alliance Scholarship
  • Michael A. Trevino, ’16, recipient of the Patrick J.V. Corcoran Scholarship
  • Christopher R. Deig, ’16, recipient of the First District Medical Society Scholarship
  • Michelle P. Arce, ’16, Kristyn Jeffries, ’16, and Amelia E. Scherle, ’16, recipients of the IUSM-Evansville General Scholarship

All scholarships were granted based on academic achievement and financial need.

The IU School of Medicine is located on the campus of the University of Southern Indiana.

In 2009, the IU School of Medicine began the process of expanding opportunities for third and fourth-year clinical rotations throughout the state. Clinical rotations at the IU School of Medicine-Evansville began in 2013.

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