Spotlights & Profiles

Student Spotlights

  • Hands-on experience

    Christian McGill, a recent high school graduate, spent his summer working in the research lab of Ragini Vittal.

  • Generational link

    Although they never met, Bob Cassady's great-grandfather played an unexpected role in his scholarship.

  • Giving back

    Second-year medical student Aklecia McVoy is bringing wellness education to the state's Hispanic population.

  • Volunteer spirit

    Second-year medical student Bryce McKee has helped build homes in Mississippi and treat patients in Kenya.

  • Renewed dedication

    The IU Radiologic and Imaging Sciences Program has renewed Sarah Postlewaite's dedication to helping the homeless.

  • Community outreach

    Emilee Borgmeier has been recognized for efforts to provide accessible health care to the Spanish-speaking community.

  • Busayo Irojah

    The IU School of Medicine graduate and Nigeria native is one step closer to her dream of becoming a surgeon.

  • Tour the Life

    Patrick Titzer writes about life as a nontraditional medical student on Tour the Life, a blogging project.

  • People's Choice

    Kristina Fasteson Simacek is the winner of the Regenstrief Institute's People's Choice for Healthcare Delivery contest.

  • Stethoscope Ceremony

    Stethoscope Ceremony

    Students at the Moi University School of Medicine begin their clinical experience with a special rite of passage.

  • Undergraduate research

    About 60 undergraduate students recently presented the results of two semesters of lab research at the IU School of Medicine.

  • Behind the scenes

    Third-year medical student Jasmine Johnson provides a rare glimpse into medical school at Tour the Life, a blogging project.

  • Day-to-day workings

    The IU School of Medicine Life-Health Sciences Internship Program gives student interns insight into how much effort goes into carrying out clinical research.

  • Nick Sears

    The IU Kokomo senior will graduate on time after successful treatment at the IU Health Simon Cancer Center.

  • Evansville scholarships

    IU School of Medicine-Evansville students have received more than $200,000 in scholarships.

  • Behind the scenes

    Medical student Molly McPheron blogs for Tour the Life, which provides a glimpse behind the scenes of medical school.

  • 'Humanism Month'

    Gold Humanism Honor Society inductees such as Melanie Huffman will sponsor the inaugural "Humanism Month" lecture series.

  • Giving back

    IU School of Medicine-Terre Haute students volunteered their time and skills at the Terre Haute Community Health Fair.

  • Empowering women

    Medical and law students performed "The Vagina Monologues" to empower women to talk about their bodies.

  • New adventure

    Xiaodong Peng is embarking on a new adventure as a bioinformatics developer at Eli Lilly after earning a master's in translational science from the IU School of Medicine.